Anti-Drug Calendar Contest Winners Recognized

Anti-Drug Calendar Contest Winners Recognized
Coulston Elementary students Lucio Guillen Tovar and Lainy McLane pause for a photo with their art teacher, Rhonda Quellhorst, at last night's recognition ceremony held at the Shelby County FOP Lodge #84. Pictures of Shelbyville Central Schools' winners in attendance are posted here. A complete list of student winners is below.

Shelby County Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen distributed cash prizes and certificates to student winners of this year's Shelby County Anti-Drug Calendar art contest last night in a ceremony held at the Shelby County FOP Lodge #84.

"Through the years, we've had over 14,700 submissions (in the contest)," Landwerlen said of the initiative started by former prosecutor and now-Judge Kent Apsley. "Students show in the artwork that they understand the impact drugs can have. That was the goal of this when we started it," Landwerlen said.

The following students were recognized for their outstanding artwork.

Grand Prize: Zoey Rowland,  SMS, 7th grade

Cover: Mason Miano, SMS, 6th grade

5th grade: Lucio Guillen Tovar, Coulston, 1st place; Lainy McLane, Coulston, 2nd place; Bentley Pierce, Loper, 3rd place.

Honorable mentions: Olivia Smith, Coulston; Elizabeth Shaw, Hendricks; Jacey Kawakami, Loper; Stella Sherwood, Loper; Tyler Gooding, Coulston

6th grade: Carson Claxton, SMS, 1st place; Nelly Contreras Mendoza, SMS, 2nd place; Emelyn Rinzel, Morristown Jr. Sr., 3rd place.

Honorable mentions: Serenity Erisman, SMS, and Madasyn Cartwright,  SMS

7th grade: Maleah Williams, Waldron Jr. Sr., 1st place; Ollyvea Fiesbeck, Southwestern Jr. Sr., 2nd place; Hannah Rouse, Waldron Jr. Sr., 3rd place

Honorable mention: Jeanavieve Bushfield, Southwestern Jr. Sr. 

8th grade: Abigail Lockridge, Waldron Jr. Sr., 1st place; Kassidy Muelen, Waldron Jr. Sr., 2nd place; Reagan Spannuth, SMS, 3rd place

Honorable mention: Camden Heller, SMS; Averi Scheele, Waldron Jr. Sr.; Rayne Orwig, SMS

SMS student Mason Miano, accompanied by his art teacher, Shanae Dees, shows off his artwork and certificate.

State Tennis Finalists Recognized

Shelbyville High School tennis coach Steve Drake, tennis players Aiden Smith and Karson Schaf, and coaches Mike Claxton and Jacob Shively were recognized at last night's Shelbyville Central Schools board meeting following Smith's and Schaf's successful tennis season. The pair finished the season with a 24-5 record and were the first state tennis finalists in school history.

"When you think about our goals as an educational institution, we want to create well-rounded individuals," SCS board president Curt Johnson said. "We want to achieve academically. We want to achieve athletically. This is such an outstanding achievement."

Nov. 16: This Day in Shelby County History

2013: Alabama-based Hibbert Sports announced plans to locate a store in the Rivergate Shopping Center on East State Road 44.

2003: David Fisher was selected to chair the 2004 SCUFFY drive, the organization's 50th, with Nisa Hensley as vice-chair.

1993: Shelby County Commissioner David Mohr, who also served as chairman of the Shelby County Drainage Board, used sump pumps to remove 2.5 inches of sewer water from the basement of the new Shelby County jail as water had poured through 25 floor drains in recent flooding. The jail was slated to open in January 1994.

1983: ElectroSound employees estimated that over a million records had been manufactured monthly over the previous few months during the factory's Christmas rush. The company had grown from 65 employees to 140.

1973: Several local coaches were honored at the Shelby County Coaches Association meeting for 20 years or more of service. Morristown's Norman Morris had 25 years, 15 at Morristown; Southwestern's Bill Golden, 21 years, 16 at Southwestern; Triton Central's Art Dobbins, 21 years, 15 at Triton and Morristown's Mark Rick, 35 years, 23 at Morristown.

1963: A newspaper photo showed Bluebird member Jennifer Smith, 8, and her older sister, Camp Fire girl Barbara Smith, selling candy to Kermit Graham and James Matchett in front of the Shelbyville Post Office. The Bluebird and Camp Fire girl units were organized through the Shelbyville Junior High School.

1953: Rev. Josephine B. Huffer, 66, pastor of the Trinity Methodist Church for 30 years, died at Major Hospital. Huffer had graduated from the old Moores Hill College. She was licensed in 1920 as the first woman minister in Indiana.

1943: Plans were announced to raise $4,000 for a new social and recreational center for Shelbyville's teenagers. Fred Kennedy and A. Goodman were named honorary chairmen of the drive with Nate Kaufman directing. Those pledging early donations were W.F. Loper, Ernest Ford, Major T. Jester, Russell Gross, Harry Wright, Robert Griffey, George Young, Phillip Hoop, John Schoelch, Taylor Hancock, Robert Ewing, Ralph Worland, Chet Sandman, Paul Sirkus, Ora Breedlove, Ralph Scofield, Charles Sindlinger, Len Bearman, Paul Barnard, Emerson Brunner, Bill Carney, Clyde Yater and Buddy Buxton.

1933: With no applications submitted for the Chief of Police role, City Council left acting chief Charles Goebel in place until a candidate could be found.

1923: Nearly 100 people attended the Blue River County Club's closing function for the season, which included a turkey dinner and a dance. Mary Frances Messick played the piano, Ortis Headlee the banjo and Will Tinder was on the drums for the band.