Monday, June 19, 2023


Sampson Levingston leads a Walk & Talk tour through the Indiana Ave. area of Indianapolis on Saturday as part of the Madam C.J. Walker Legacy Center's Juneteenth festivities. Levingston mentioned Shelbyville native Bill Garrett's frequent appearances to play on downtown basketball courts as a teen and his role coaching Crispus Attucks to the 1959 state championship. | photo by KRISTIAAN RAWLINGS 

2023 Shelby County Fair Open Class Results

Antiques Department - Grand Champion: Sandra Howley, Personal Items-Quilt; Reserve Grand Champion: Vicky Lane, Needle Arts & Sewing-Tatted Tablecloth

Furniture - Blue Ribbons: Lezlie Doig, Child’s Chair

Kitchen - Champion: Jane Brattain: Kitchen Tools-Butter Churn

Blue Ribbons

Vicky Lane: China; Pam Robinson: Pottery-Tea set collection; Connie Schilling: Coffee Tins; Kris Schwickrath: Crockery; Karen Wolter: Pottery-Teapot

Red Ribbons

Vicky Lane: Pottery-Soup Tureen; Debbie Pennington: Apple Peeler

White Ribbons

Susie Knoop: Jar Opener; Pam Robinson: Clay Simmer Pot

Honorable Mention

Pam Robinson: Dishing Spoon

Hand Tools

Blue Ribbons: Kevin Hulsman: Painted Saw Blade

Pam Robinson: Iron

Leisure Items

Champion: Diana Lemmons: Toy Tonka Excavator

Blue Ribbons

Pam Robinson: New American Cookbook, 1905 Books, Clabber Girl Booklet, 4H Manuals

Red Ribbons: Susie Knoop: Baton; Pam Robinson: Toy Doll, 1969 Culinary Books; Tiffany Tupper: Sketch Book

White Ribbons: Susie Knoop: Toy Loom; Terri Meal: Woman’s World Cookbook; Pam Robinson: Davis Recipe Book

Honorable Mention: Vicky Lane: Johnson County Cookbook' Pam Robinson: 1901 Bible; Tiffanie Tupper: American Woman Cookbook, Min Biographies

Other Entries: Vicky Lane: Lazarus Cookbook; Debbie Pennington: Church Camp Songbook

Personal Items

Blue Ribbons: Jane Brattain: Leather Purse; Bobbie Eck: Christening Gown; Jane Huber: 3 hats and hat boxes; Susie Knoop: Kwik Tack; Terri Meal: Purple Rollers; Pam Robinson: Pillowcases, Sewing Tin Can

Red Ribbons: Susie Knoop: Hankie; Vicky Lane: 3 mink hats, quilt; Diana Lemmons: Baby Gown

White Ribbons: Pam Robinson: Quilt, Purse; Pattie Stone: Girl Scout Vest, GHS Letter Collection

Honorable Mention: Susie Knoop: Formal Ladies Gloves

Needle Arts & Sewing

Blue Ribbon: Debbie Pennington: Gingham Duck

Advertising, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Champion: Kevin Carson: 47 Ford Tractor

Blue Ribbons:Emily Stephenson: Postcard Collection

Red Ribbon: Ed Knoop: Basketball

White Ribbon: Diana Lemmons: Picture

Any Other Antiques

Blue Ribbon: Jane Brattain: Newspaper Stand; Whitney Carson-Mahin: Indian Artifacts

Other Entries: Kathy Dunaway: Porcelain Vase

Crafts Department

Grand Champion: Christa Carson-Weaver, Leather Burning on Hat

Reserve Grand Champion: Dawn Whitfield, Quilled Bird Picture

Sewing Crafts

Champion: Jane Huber, Hawaiian Doll

Reserve Champion: Christa Carson-Weaver: Jacket

Red Ribbon: Kevin Hulsman: Wooden Angel

Non-Sewing Crafts

Reserve Champion: Sharon Yarling, Finger Knit

Blue Ribbons: Katie Burnside: T-Shirt; Emma Lou Campbell: Rock; Jill Coen: Painted Glass Dog, Painted Shoes; Sharon Dras: Diamond Cut Picture; Ron Kramer: String Art; Cindy Law: Bracelet and Earrings; Diana Lemmons: Button Art; Marjorie Price: Painted Owl; LeAnne Ramsey: Gray Wood Modge Podge; Pam Robinson: Earrings; Angela Settles: Yard Art Girl at Gate; Pattie Stone: Garden Gate Vignette

Red Ribbons: Lynn Howley: Finger Knit Lap Robe; Marjorie Price: Valentine Couple

Floral Crafts

Champion: Jane Huber, Teacup/Sauce

Reserve Champion: Karen Miller, Grapevine wreath

Blue Ribbons: Tracey Blesdoe: Red & White Silk Vase; Christa Carson-Weaver: Boots; Kathy Dunaway: Gold Vase Arrangement; DeAnna Kirby: Pansies, Family Wreath; Kim Loham: Sunflower Bridal Bouquet, Wreath, Craft Floral; Terri Meal: Patriotic Grapevine Wreath; Leanne Ramsey: Lasso Rope; Angela Settles: Dried Pinecone Flowers, Wreath; Debbie Stafford: Flip Flop Wreath; Emily Stephenson: Rag Flowers; Brooke Thompson: Bridal Nosegay, Corsage/Boutonniere Set, Corsage; Nathan Yeley: 4 Jar Flower Arrangement

Red Ribbon: Rebekah Kirby: Flowers; J.B. Myers: Indy 500 wreath

Recycled Creations

Champion: Peggy Jacobs, Clothesline Bunny

Reserve Champion: Kevin Carson, Glass Bottle Peacock

Blue Ribbons: Jennifer Campbell: Flower Planter; Jane Huber: Fork Photo Holder; Bethany Kirby: Pink Jar; DeAnna Kirby: Scrabble Ornament; Pam Robinson: Blue Jean Purse, Jean Plastic Bag Holder; Angela Settles: Beehive, Home Décor; Debbie Stafford: Christmas Ornament from CD; Carol Stohry: Lamp from teacups, Wreath; Pattie Stone: Dress Shirt Apron


Champion: Emily Stephenson, Scrap Book

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Homemaker

Blue Ribbons: Pam Robinson: Recipe Scrapbook; LeAnne Ramsey: Mother-in-Law

Paper Crafts

Reserve Champion: Kim Lohman, Book

Blue Ribbons: Judy Campbell: Birthday/Christmas Gift Tags, Hello There Greeting Cards; Peggy Jacobs: House; Kim Loham: Hand Crafted Greeting Cards; Pam Robinson: Christmas Card; Emily Stephenson: July 4th Centerpiece, Birthday Cards; Pattie Stone: Folios-February, March & April, Be Kind Book Binding, Christmas Card, General Card, Greeting Cards, Jesus Star Gift Tag, Joy Tree Gift Tag, Pin, Other Tags; Dawn Whitfield: Quilled Flower Picture


Champion: Kevin Hulsman, Horse Go Round

Reserve Champion: Kevin Hulsman, House

Blue Ribbons: Kevin Carson: Barn Toy Box; Jeremy Weaver: Fishing Rod Rack

Red Ribbon: Kevin Hulsman: Wood Quilt


Blue Ribbons: Sharon Dras: Smooth Bowl; Oakleigh Goedde: Shoes Galore

Red Ribbons: Sharon Dras: Uneven Bowl; Connie Schilling: Bowl, Flower Dish

Holiday Decorations

Blue Ribbons: Whitney Carson-Mahin: Handprint Christmas Ornament; Jon Farnsley: Easter Mesh Wreath; Peggy Jacobs: Christmas Basket with Deer; DeAnna Kirby: Scrabble Ornament; Kim Loham: Centerpiece; Angela Settles: Easter Wreath; Debbie Stafford: Halloween Centerpiece, Red Truck with Tree Centerpiece; Pattie Stone: Angel Ornament, Poinsettia Ornament; Mary Ann Toll: Seed Christmas Decoration; Sharon Yarling: Snowman

Red Ribbon: Debbie Stafford: Easter Centerpiece


Champion: Kim Loham, Wedding

Blue Ribbons: Rebekah Kirby: Blue Cylinder; Pam Robinson: Gift Bag; Angela Settles: Snowman; Pattie Stone: Santa Belt Box, Santa Gift Bag; Angela Settles: Rectangle, Tulip Tin

Other Entry: LeAnne Ramsey


Blue Ribbons: Lucy Furiak: Signed Power Ranger Figure; Nick Henderson: Alabama National Champs; Pam Robinson: Framed Memory


Blue Ribbons: Angela Settles: Snowman, Birdhouse


Champion: Pam Robinson, Cookbooks

Blue Ribbons: Jim Ash: Barn Nativity; Rebekah Kirby: Name Board Wedding Collection, Shells; J.B. Myers: Bells; LeAnne Ramsey: Toy Tractors; Pam Robinson: Hat

Red Ribbons: Pam Herther: Lego Scene; Sandra Howley: Needlepoint Pillows; Ruthann Kirby: Bunnies; Susie Knoop: Razor Brushes, Thimbles

Other Entries: Angela Settles: Snowman Gourds

Fine Arts Department

Grand Champion: Sharon Fansler, Beginner Adult, Oil or Acrylic

Reserve Grand Champion: Bonnie Steffey, Adult Beginner, Oil or Acrylic

Advanced Adult

Reserve Champion: Marjorie Price, Oil or Acrylic

Blue Ribbons: Dawn Adams: 4-Oil or Acrylic; Kathy Dunaway: Drawing; Sharon Fansler: Watercolor; Jim Jones: 3-Oil or Acrylic; J.B. Myers: Oil or Acrylic; Marjorie Price: 3-Oil or Acrylic

Red Ribbons: J.B. Myers: 3-Oil or Acrylic; Marjorie Price: 3-Oil or Acrylic

Adult Intermediate

Champion: Tisha Bennett, Watercolor

Reserve Champion: Tisha Bennett, Watercolor

Blue Ribbons: Tisha Bennett: 2-Watercolor; Sandra Howley: 2-Oil or Acrylic; Ron Kramer: 3-Watercolor; Sharon Smith: 3-Oil or Acrylic; Sharon Yarling: Mixed Media

Adult Beginner

Reserve Champion: Bonnie Steffey, Pastel

Blue Ribbons: Emi Lou Campbell: Watercolor; Jane Huber: 2-Watercolor; Bonnie Steffey: Pastel, Oil or Acrylic; Pattie Stone: Watercolor; Mary Ann Toll: Drawing

Red Ribbon: Mary Ann Toll: Drawing

Adult Coloring Pages

Champion: Ann Myers, Colored Markers

Blue Ribbons: Bethany Kirby: Colored Markers, Combination; Ron Kramer: 3-Colored Pencils; Ann Myers: 3-Colored Pencils, 4-Colored Markers; LeAnne Ramsey: Colored Pencils; Pam Robinson: Crayons; Sharon Yarling: Colored Markers

Red Ribbon: Bethany Kirby: Colored Pencils; Ron Kramer: Colored Pencils; Pam Robinson: Combination

Food Preservation Department

Grand Champion: Pam Robinson, Dehydrated Oregano

Reserve Grand Champion: Terri Meal, Egg Noodles

Canned Fruits

Blue Ribbon: DeAnna Kirby: Apple Juice

Canned Vegetables

Champion: DeAnna Kirby, Tomatoes

Red Ribbon: Terri Meal: Green Beans

Canned Pickle Product

Blue Ribbon: Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Polish Dill

Red Ribbon: Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Bread and Butter

Canned Relish

Red Ribbon: Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Sweet Relish


Blue Ribbons: Nickey Hansome: Applesauce; Sharon Dras: Spaghetti Sauce

Jelly: Champion: Laura Stieneker-Taylor, Jalapeno

Red Ribbon: DeAnna Kirby: Pepper

Honorable Mention: DeAnna Kirby: Sugar Free Blueberry

Dried Foods

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Basil

Frozen Foods

Champion: Nickey Hansome, Gooseberries

Blue Ribbons: Pam Robinson: Blueberries, Roma Tomatoes, Brisket, Salsa, Candy

Foods Department

Grand Champion: DeAnna Kirby, Yeast Bread

Reserve Grand Champion: Olivia Cassidy, Sour Cream Coffee Cake


Reserve Champion: Tracey Blesdoe, Brown Sugar Pound Cake

Red Ribbons: Tracey Blesdoe: Marple Pound; DeAnna Kirby: Raspberry Lemon


Champion: Terri Meal, Chocolate Chip

Reserve Champion: Terri Moore, Chocolate No Bake

Blue Ribbons: Tracey Bledsoe: Caramel Nut; Judy Campbell: Molasses; Olivia Cassidy: Chocolate Chip; Barbara Farnsley: Oatmeal Chocolate; Rebekah Kirby: Mexican Wedding Cake; Ina Sue Kuhn: Snickerdoodle; Terri Meal: Coconut Macaroons; Pam Robinson: Oatmeal Scotchy

Red Ribbons: Nickey Hansome: Chocolate Chip; DeAnna Kirby: Butter Pecan: DeAnna Kirby: Chocolate Chip Pecan; Mary Ann Toll: Sugar

Plain Yeast Breads

Reserve Champion: DeAnna Kirby, Yeast Dinner Rolls

Blue Ribbon: Barbara Farnsley: Dinner Rolls

Red Ribbon: Ina Sue Kuhn: Dinner Rolls

Fancy Yeast Breads

Champion: DeAnna Kirby, Iced Sticky Buns

Quick Breads

Champion: Terri Meal, Pineapple Zucchini

Breadmaker Products

Champion: Debbie Stafford, Cottage Cheese Chive

Reserve Champion: Debbie Stafford, Cracked Wheat

Homemade Candy

Champion: Pam Robinson, Chocolate Fudge

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Peanut Butter Fudge


Champion: Cindy Law, Peanut Brittle

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Almond Bark Candy

Enhanced Box Mix

Champion: Debbie Stafford, Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

Reserve Champion: Terri Meal, Chocolate Bundt Cake

Blue Ribbons: Tracey Bledsoe: Tropical Nectar Cake; Bethany Kirby: Chocolate Cookie; DeAnna Kirby: Blueberry, Red Raspberry Bread; Raymond McClain: M&M Brownies; Debbie Stafford: Blueberry Muffins

Red Ribbons: Tracey Bledsoe: Orange Chiffon Cake; Debbie Stafford: Banana Walnut Crunch Cake

Horticulture Department

Reserve Grand Champion: Diana Lemmons, Strawberries

Root Crops

Champion: Peggy Jacobs, Onions

Blue Ribbons: Jeff Curtis: Garlic; Kathy Dunaway: Green Onions; Jon Farnsley: Green Onions; Peggy Jacobs: Green Onions

Red Ribbon: Jon Farnsley: Radishes

Other Vegetables

Champion: Hank Godby, Asparagus


Reserve Champion: Hank Godby, Gooseberries

Blue Ribbon: Jeff Curtis: Cherries

Red Ribbon: Hank Godby: Grapes

NeedleArts and Sewing Department

Grand Champion: Robin Ailes, Counted Cross Stitch Large Picture

Reserve Grand Champion: Jenny Branson, Sewing, Kitchen Table Runner


Champion: Lisa Addis, Baby Blanket

Reserve Champion: Lisa Addis, Doily

Blue Ribbons: Lisa Addis: Scarf; Lucy Furiak: Doll-Slug, Mobi Strip, Luffa

Red Ribbons: Lucy Furiak: Can Cozy, Dragon Scale, Ladies Bandana; Greenley Goedde: Tote Bag; Susie Knoop: Mitts

White Ribbon: Lucy Furiak: Women’s Top


Red Ribbon: Lucy Furiak: Household Article-Coaster


Champion: Peggy Jacobs, Machine Applique


Champion: Peggy Jacobs, Machine Embroidery

Counted Cross Stitch

Reserve Champion: Kathy Dunaway, Large picture

Blue Ribbons: Beverly Carson: Large Picture; Pam Herther: Small Christmas Picture

Canvas Work

Blue Ribbon: Susie Knoop: Plastic Canvas Graph Design-Doll Shoes


Reserve Champion: Terri Meal, Any Other Costume-Bowtie

Blue Ribbons: Jenny Branson: 2-Totes; Teresa Burdine: Household Article-Christmas Tablecloth; Peggy Jacobs: Ladies Fleece Scarf; Terri Meal: Household article-Christmas Apron; Pam Robinson, Tote

Red Ribbons: Jenny Branson, Christmas Stocking, Household Table Runner; Teresa Burdine, 2-Wall Hangings, Tote; Whitney Carson-Mahin 2-Rompers; Lucy Furiak, Costume; Pam Robinson, Baby Blanket; Emily Stephenson, Tote; Pattie Stone, Kitchen Accessory: Casserole Cover, Hot Pad

White Ribbon: Whitney Carson-Mahin, Child’s Dress

Quilts Department

Grand Champion: Terri Meal, Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Twin

Reserve Grand Champion: Pattie Stone, Group Quilting


Blue Ribbon: Teresa Burdine: Tied

Commercially Machine or Hand Quilted

Reserve Champion: Terri Meal, Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Twin

Blue Ribbons: Jenny Branson: Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Lap; Teresa Burdine: Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Twin; Terri Meal: Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Twin; Jan Smith: Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Lap; Bonnie Steffey: Commercially Machine Quilted, Machine Pieced, Lap

Quilted Articles

Champion: Teresa Burdine, Pieced Non-Holiday Wall Hanging

Reserve Champion: Bonnie Steffey, Pieced Non-Holiday Wall Hanging

Blue Ribbons: Holly Daniels: Pieced Non-Holiday Wall Hanging, Pieced Holiday Wall Hanging; Phyllis Miller: Pieced Holiday Table Runner; Terri Moore: 2- Pieced Non-Holiday Table Runner

Red Ribbons: Teresa Burnine: Pieced Holiday Table Runner; Sandy Howley: Pieced Non-Holiday Table Runner

Photography Department

Grand Champion: Steve Fansler, Monochrome, Adults 8x10

Reserve Grand Champion: Hank Godby, Color, Child 8x10


Reserve Champion: Jill Coen, Architectural 11x14

Blue Ribbons: Lisa Addis: Architectural 8x10; Beverly Carson: Nature 8x10; Jill Coen: Architectural 11x14; LeAnne Ramsey: Child 8x10

Red Ribbons: Bruce Banister: Nature/Landscape 8.10; Vinnie Gaudin: Architectural 4x6; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Adults 8x10

White Ribbons: Vinnie Gaudin: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Adults 8x10

Honorable Mention: Lucy Furiak: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Vinnie Gaudin: 3-Nature/Landscape 8x10


Reserve Champion: Jill Coen, Nature/Landscape 11x14

Blue Ribbons: Lisa Addis: Animals 8x10; Jill Coen: Human Interest 11x14, Animals 11x14; Kathy Dunaway: Flowers 4x6; Steve Fansler: Animals 8x10; Lucy Furiak: Adults 8x10, Human Interest 4x6; Sean Garringer: Nature/Landscape 8x10, Nature/People Animals 8x10, Flowers 8x10; Vinnie Gaudin: 2-Nature/Landscape 4x6, Architectural 4x6; Hank Godby: Human Interest 4x6; Billy Dale Hopkins: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Jane Huber: Animals 8x10, Architectural 8x10; Kenton Jones: Human Interest 8x10; Bethany Kirby: Adults 8x10; Debbie Meal: Child 8x10, Child 4x6, Children Adults 8x10

Red Ribbons: Bruce Banister: Nature/Landscape 8x10, Nature/Landscape 4x6; Jennifer Campbell: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Beverly Carson: Child 8x10; Kathy Dunaway: Animals 8x10, Architectural 8x10; Lucy Furiak: Nature/People Animals 4x6; Hank Godby: Nature/Landscape 4x6, Flowers 8x10; Tatem Hodge: Animals 8x10; Jane Huber: Animals 8x10; Bethany Kirby: Human Interest 4x6; Debbie Meal: Nature/People Animals 8x10

White Ribbons: Lisa Addis: Nature/Landscape 8x10: Jennifer Campbell: Human Interest 8x10; Jill Coen: Sport 11x14; Kathy Dunaway: Child 8x10; Lucy Furiak: Nature/People Animals 8x10; Sean Garringer: 4-Flowers 8x10; Tatem Hodge: 2-Flowers 8x10; LeAnne Ramsey: Nature/People Animals 8x10; Sharon Snyder: Sport 8x10; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Nature/Landscape 8x10

Honorable Mention: Bruce Banister: Animals 4x6; Jennifer Campbell: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Beverly Carson: Architectural 8x10; Kathy Dunaway: Nature/Landscape 4x6, 2-Flowers 8x10; Sharon Fansler: Nature/People Animals 8x10; Steve Fansler: Nature/Landscape 8x10; Lucy Furiak: Nature/Landscape 8x10, Nature/People Animals 8x10; Sean Garringer: Flowers 8x10; Hank Godby: Child 8x10, Nature/Landscape 8x10, Flowers 8x10; Tatem Hodge: Nature/Landscape 8x10, Animals 8x10; Jane Huber: Adult 8x10, Nature/People Animals 8x10, Human Interest 8x10; Bethany Kirby: Child 8x10, Children & Adults 8x10; DeAnna Kirby: Nature/Landscape 8x10, Human Interest 4x6; Diana Lemmons: Child 8x10, Nature/Landscape 8x10, Architectural 8x10; Debbie Meal: 2-Child 8x10

Let’s Bake a Pie Department

Grand Champion Pie: Pam Robinson, Pineapple

Reserve Grand Champion Pie: Pam Robinson, Pecan

Grand Champion Crust: Pam Robinson

Reserve Grand Champion Crust: Jennifer Campbell

Cream Filled Pies

Champion: Jennifer Campbell, Sugar Cream

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Sugar Cream

Blue Ribbons: Barbara Farnsley: Chocolate; Pam Robinson: Lemon; Sharon Snyder: Butterscotch, Chocolate

Fruit Pies:

Champion: Jennifer Campbell, Cherry

Reserve Champion: Pam Robinson, Raspberry

Blue Ribbons: Rebekah Kirby: Strawberry Rhubarb; Pam Robinson: Cherry, Apple Streusel; Sharon Snyder: Strawberry

Do Your Own Thing Pies

Champion: Pam Robinson, Bush’s Bean

Red Ribbon: Lucy Furiak: Caramel Apple

Ready Made Crust

Champion: Kaley Kessler, Sugar Cream

Reserve Champion: Miranda Earle, Mixed Berry

Blue Ribbons: Shannon Boyce: Blueberry; Ruthanne Kirby: Banana; Lucy Furiak: Pecan

Red Ribbons: Lucy Furiak: Blueberry, Sugar Cream; McKenzie Hilser: Lemon

Flower Show Department

Flowers and Plants

Grand Champion: Roberta Eck, Perennials-Oriental Lily

Reserve Grand Champion: Laura Stieneker-Taylor, Annuals-Coleus


Blue Ribbons: Kathy Dunaway: Marigold, Viola; Dede Freeman: Celosia; Kim Loham: Petunia

Red Ribbons: Dede Freeman: Begonia' Steve Freeman: Celosia; Pam Robinson: Petunia, Pansy

White Ribbon: Tracey Bledsoe: Petunia

Flowers and Plants

Reserve Champion: Kim Lohman, Hosta Leaf-Medium

Blue Ribbons: Tracey Bledsoe: Hosta Leaf-Large; Swati Deshpande: Flowering-Coreopsis, Hosta Leaf-Small, Herbs-Dill; Kathy Dunaway: Flowering-Coral Bells, Foliage-Sedum, Wildflowers-Spiderwort, Bulbs-Calla Lily, Ferns-Lady; Dede Freeman: Vines-Clematis, Rose-Single, Bulbs-Asiatic Lily; Steve Freeman: Hosta Leaf-Medium; Lucy Furiak: Foliage-Elephant Ear & Shamrock; Rebekah Kirby: Herbs-Oregano; Kim Loham: Flowering-Daisies, Bulbs-Dahlia, Herbs-Basil & Mint; Pam Robinson: Vines-Potato Vine, Ferns-Christmas, Flowering-Hosta, Day Lilies-Single, Foliage-Coral Bells, Hosta Leaf-Small & Extra Large, Herbs-Mint; Kris Schwickrath, Foliage-Solomon’s Seal, Wildflowers-Butterfly Weed, Herbs-Lamb’s Ear; Bonnie Steffey: Herbs-Dill, Chamomile, Rosemary & Sage, Hosta Leaf-Medium, Ferns-Japanese Painted; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Foliage-Banana, Herbs-Lavender, Flowering Shrubs-Hydrangea

Red Ribbons: Jeff Curtis: Herbs-Mint; Kathy Dunaway: Vines-Clematis, Foliage-Papyrus, Hosta Leaf-Small; Steve Freeman: Hosta Leaf-Extra Large; Lucy Furiak: Flowering-Pincushion; Nickey Hansome: Hosta Leaf-Small; Kim Loham: Hosta Leaf-Large; Karen Miller: Rose-Tea; Pam Robinson: Flowering-Coral Bells, Rose-Single, Wildflowers-Spiderwort, Bubs-Asiatic Lily, Hosta Leaf-Medium & Large, Ferns-Japanese Painted, Herbs-Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Oregano & Thyme; Bonnie Steffey: Foliage-Fennel & Solomon’s Seal, Flowering-Coreopsis, Hosta Leaf-Small, Ferns-Lady; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Foliage: Persian Shield, Hosta Leaf-Medium & Extra Large, Herbs-Basil & Rosemary

White Ribbons: Swati Despande: Bulbs-Asiatic Lily, Herbs-Mint; Dede Freeman: Hosta Leaf-Medium; Steve Freeman: Hosta Leaf-Medium; Pam Robinson: Vines-Clematis; Pat Rosenfeld: Flowering-Poppies; Bonnie Steffey: Herbs-Mint; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Herbs-Mint

Honorable Mention: Pam Robinson: Herbs-Basil & Citronella; Bonnie Steffey: Herbs-Oregano; Laura Stieneker-Taylor: Herbs-Sage & Chives, Flowering-Dianthus

Container Grown Plants:

Champion: Kathy Dunaway, Herbs-Rosemary

Blue Ribbons: Kathy Dunaway: Cactus; Roberta Eck: Anthurium; Rebekah Kirby: Herbs-Thyme; Pam Robinson: Begonia, Herbs-Basil, Lavender, Oregano, Sage & Thyme

Red Ribbons: Kathy Dunaway: Arrowroot; Rebekah Kirby: Herbs-Lavender & Oregano; Kim Loham: Herbs-Basil; Pam Robinson: Herbs-Mint & Rosemary

Artistic Design Department

Grand Champion: Kathy Dunaway, Cut Flower Designs- “Go Green”

Cut Flower Designs

Reserve Champion: Tracey Blesdoe, “Fall for It”

Blue Ribbons: Tracey Blesdoe: “Make Me Smile”, “It’s Canning Time”, “Gone Fishing”

Red Ribbon: Tracey Blesdoe: “Go Green”

Honorable Mention: Laura Stieneker-Taylor: “Make Me Smile”, “It’s Canning Time”

Potted Flower Designs

Blue Ribbons: Kathy Dunaway: Cactus, Succulent

Red Ribbon: Kim Lohman: Succulent


  • STATE NEWS: Indiana's unemployment rate is still at a near-historic low of 3.1 percent. The state’s unemployment rate has remained around 3 percent for over a year, with some minor (and mostly statistically insignificant) bumps up and down. The total number of people employed for the state is also at a 10-year high again, beating the last record-breaking employment total – which was set by the month before, April. (Indiana Public Media)

This Day in Shelby County History

2018: Tyler Theising, who had served as an assistant for the Shelbyville High School boys basketball team, accepted the head coaching position at South Ripley High School.

2013: Shelbyville's two leading hitters - Daniel Kuhn and Ethan Larrison - were selected to the Hoosier Heritage Conference's All-Conference Baseball Team.

2008: Harold Ash, 94, died. Survivors included his wife since 1935, Rachel. Following World War II, Ash had worked at Willys Jeep and later owned and operated Harold Ash Nash Sales, then Harold Ash Dodge Sales until retiring.

2003: Nine girls were selected to participate in Hoosier Girls State in a program that built leadership and provided insights into the governmental system of Indiana. The nine were Gretchen Haehl, Gwen Haehl, Jennifer Wheeler, Abby Day, Elizabeth Burbrink, Abby Tandy, Nicole Hensley, Deanna Hensley and Hadleigh Stevens.

1998: Harriet Arland, 70, died. She had retired as manager of the Shelbyville license branch and had been active in the Shelby County Republican Party, serving as county vice chairman for 25 years.

1993: A Shelbyville News article highlighted the many offerings at Girls Inc., which included 18 daily classes. "We are more than a baby sitter," Director Barbara Anderson said. "We offer and push the girls to take our math and science classes because we encourage the girls to choose nontraditional choices." The paper said, "(Anderson) talks openly and honestly about AIDS, teen pregnancies and pursuing any career the girls want despite traditional rules telling them they won't succeed."

1988: The Board of Works commended Police Capt. Mark Sullivan for arresting an armed robbery suspect only a few minutes after a local gas station robbery and Patrolman Mark Weidner for apprehending a burglary suspect just after the burglary occurred at a different filling station.

1983: A new sign was installed at the JustRite Family Restaurant on E. Broadway, which was slated to re-open soon.

1978: The plat for the proposed Knightstown Village subdivision was approved by the city plan commission. The plat included lots for 124 homes to be located north of Coulston school and south of Brentwood Addition. The first section would include development of 20 lots. The county plan commission approved Cardinal Court Subdivision, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson, for 10 lots.

1973: A six-run third inning enabled Soll Service to get by Howard and Harry, 9-7, in Fairland Little League action. Mike Bennett hit two singles and Chuck McGinnsie had a double for the winners. Bonded Oil held off rallies by Brownies Marine for an 11-9 win. For Bonded, Bill Coy, Darren Crosby, Jeff Woodward and Keith Mullins all had big plays. Eugene Burns and Jeff McIver played well on the losing team.

1968: A newspaper photo showed three Shelbyville kids - Danny Wickizer, Todd Sexton and Lee Sorrell - with Coach Elmer McCall at DePauw University's basketball camp. The boys also received instruction in bowling, swimming, tennis and ping pong.

1963: Navy Ensign James Graham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kermitt Graham, graduated from Officer Candiate School at Newport, R.I. He then received his commission as a naval officer.

1958: A "capping ceremony" was held for 10 women at the Elks Club for those serving as Red Cross Gray Ladies. Those participating were Mesdames Donald Lapray, Herman Tillison, Harry Murphy, H.J. Crowley, Robert Hanna, Arnold Uggla, C.J. Wyszynski, A.R. Ryan, William Spiegel and Joseph Kremzier, The Republican reported.

1953: Gen Pro. Inc., a subsidiary of Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company of Fort Wayne, leased the James Law factory building at 801 St. Joe St., just west of the Chambers Corp. The company would make air compressors, hand fuel pumps and valves and fittings for use on farms and in filling stations.

1948: A group of men gathered to plant the corn crop for Dale Pruitt, who had been confined to his home for several weeks due to illness. Those helping were Elmo and Pat Hanahan, Harry Holton, Elmer Collins, John Taylor, A.J. Tucker, Robert Tucker, Ed and Jimmy Harlemert, Elisha Moore, Oscar Bright and Frank Butcher.

1943: "Shelbyville's controversial curfew law advanced to a third reading," The Republican reported. The new law would prohibit all children under 17 years of age from being on the streets or in public places after 11 p.m. without parental permission.

1938: Porter Pool opened for the summer, with 90 boys and 40 girls swimming on day one in rather cool weather.

1933: Mayor L.E. Webb responded to complaints about the state of the tennis courts in Morrison Park. The Mayor said the park board lacked the necessary money to make improvements. All of the money in the account was allocated for staffing, he said.

1928: Mayor James Emmert endorsed naming City Park in honor of Laura Morrison. City Council then passed a resolution on the matter. Emmert noted that Morrison had worked "long and hard in the interest of the park, and has, in great measure, been responsible for making the park the place of beauty and recreation which it now is."

1923: The Shelby County Fair board met to discuss whether or not to hold a "night fair" during the county fair, during which a band would provide entertainment each night. A couple of the board members voiced opposition to the proposal and no action was taken.


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