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This video captures some of the activities happening throughout the Shelbyville Central Schools district.

This Month in Shelby County History

2018: A former longtime Morristown resident was honored for his dedication to the community with a plaque on a bench next to the Bluebird. The family of David Tracy, former owner, joined Debbie Tracy for a celebration in front of the bench.

2013: Former Pacers player Rik Smits played poker at Indiana Grand Casino in Shelbyville alongside "Slick" Leonard, Mel Daniels and Don Buse for a charity event.

2008: Jackie Meloy, 86, died. She had been director of SCUFFY from 1976 to 1993 and a substitute teacher for Shelbyville Central Schools. She was Outstanding Citizen of the Year in 1995.

2003: The Shelbyville Lions Club celebrated its 75th anniversary with an event at Occasions. Dick Kiefer was master of ceremonies.

Mainstreet Shelbyville oversaw efforts to repair cracks on the base of the Joseph Fountain and paint the interior of the basin to resemble marble.

1998: Alex da Silva's puppy, Lucas, received 197 points of 200 at the Indiana State Fair dog show, earning a first-place ribbon.

1993: Maurice and Carol Finkel brought a new addition to the Bears of Blue River Festival: a calliope they had purchased from a Fortville man.

1988: A special newspaper section on Men and Women at Work featured Lois DeMoss, manager of Hart Frozen Yogurt Shoppe.

1983: Sharlene Knopp was named the new Indiana pro women's field archery champion. Tom Pogue, Joe Gaudin, Ken Benefiel, Spencer Shelton and Art Wainscott also earned high marks.

1978: Local policemen and firemen raised over $12,000 in conjunction with the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.

A newspaper questionnaire asked if readers thought textbook rental fees should be abolished.

1973: The Student Individual Responsibility program began at SHS. Through the program, students on the honor roll would be allowed to skip study hall to go anywhere else in the building, provided they didn't interrupt classes. The lobby, library and courtyards were listed as possible hang-out locations. In other SHS news, Carol Shaw was elected president of the French Club; Kim Williams, vice-president; and Sara Elder, secretary. New radio club officers were Steve Basey, Tom Franklin and Jay Hilderbrand. Newly elected officers for the Mask and Dagger and Thespian Clubs were Bruce Everhart, Tracy Brunner and Warren Bowen.

1968: Lowell Dean Johns, 19, completed basic U.S. Navy training.

A newspaper photo showed a back-to-school party for college-bound students. In the photo, Nancy Main served Steve Cherry a piece of cake while Dan McCabe waited his turn. Steve would be a senior at Ball State, Nancy a junior at Purdue and Dan a junior at Notre Dame.

1963: The Breedlove Men's Wear baseball team was pictured in the newspaper. Team members included Fran Hirschauer, Kent McNeely, Jeff Phares, Danny Goode, Gary Cowen, Carl Wickizer, David New, Billy Alexander, Homer Reed, Ken Hedden, Richard Damm, Steve Procell, Willie Widget, Nick Schaf, Harry Larrabee and Garnet Beaty. Mike Brunner was coach.

1958: Eighty-five local boys and girls took part in the second annual swimming and diving meet at Porter Memorial Pool while some 400 parents watched. Medals were awarded by the Jaycees. Kevin Bowman was champ in the boys class while Deidre Brandenburger was the girls' champion. Other top performers were Pete Schaus, Terry Krebs, Bill Rowland, Lucia Jester, Eddie Wilson, Jeananne Dellekamp, Bill Williams, Jean Gehr, Melvin Bettett, Susan Stine, Dan Poe and Sharon Hotopp. Dave Gallagher was the official starter. George Lorenze, Janet Douglas, Art Chafee, Jim McKeand and Don Johnson were scorekeepers.

1953: A picture of Eagles Junior League basketball players was in the newspaper. Players included Bill Foist, Carl Berger, Steve Totten, Don Titus, Bill Pittman, Charles Barker, Doug Lackey, C.M. Hepp, Jim Taylor, Chuck Sharpe, Richard Bennett, David Trueb, Terry Boring, Don Carr, Jerry Gardner, Ron Richardson, Gary Long, John Nauert, Jerry Heiniger and Jerry Bass.

1948: Shelby County Blue Ribbon winners at the state fair included Barbara Meal, Ira Firsich, Mrs. William Gallagher, Charles Cassidy, Ova Cassidy, Bob McDaniel and Mrs. Donald Webb.

1943: Members of the Crusaders and True Blue classes of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church held an "old-fashioned" party. The women dressed in ginham dresses and hair ribbons and the men in knee pants and overalls. "Hilarious class sessions in which everything from lessons to placing tacks in the teacher's chair took place," The Republican said. Party organizers were Ruth Hungerford, Martha Kuhn and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Laird.

1938: Teachers were appointed for the school year. Charles Major: Willard Day (principal), Charles Schmoe, Goldie Lemasters, Pearl Ray, Eliza Scott, Lorena Williams, Della Muir, Marcia Hamner, Mary Powell and Florence Fields. Booker T. Washington: Walter Fort (principal) and Ophelia Penick. Thomas Hendricks: Glen Bass (principal), Frances Liles, Lois Addison, Lora Trible, Hazel Ford, Ethel McMullen, Ethel Osborne, Marjorie McKensen, Ethel Griffey, B. Marie Rohm, Lorinda Miles and Elvira Haugh. Colescott: Lora B. Pearson (principal), Gladys Humphries, Katherine Gifford, Virginia Terry, Agnes Clayton, Wray Orem, May Dean, Bertha McLane, Mary Morris and Ruth McNeely. Walkerville: Mae Stafford (principal). Junior High: Emerson Bass (principal), Earl Gifford, Floyd Shull, Rlph Stuart, Edith Wiley, Merle Evans, Fannie Orebaugh, Susie Rhodes, Mabel Quig, Ola Billman and Otto Harris. Senior High: J.W.O. Breck (principal), Blanche Ashby, Carl Humphrey, Ruth Keith, J.M. McKeand, Georgia Moore, Irene Ross, Mira Sutton, Charles Knaub, Eva Swanson, Jane Durrenberger, Doloris McDonald, Charles Sims, Arthur Barnett, Ray Hinshaw, Louis Kuhn, J.O. Trible, J. Wendall Ballard, Roy Ray, Eulalie Mull, Cora Tindall, Martin Schulz, Margaret Griffin, Dorothy Hale and Esther Kinsley. Administration building: W.F. Loper, superintendent; Mabel Monfort, clerk; Eleanor White, attendance worker; and Nellie Wischmeyer, nurse.

1933: The largest group of Shelbyville High School graduates in its history left for college. Among them were Kenneth Gunning and Wilbur Pell.

1928: City Council voted to straighten and widen East Franklin St. Residents in the Kennedy Park area said they would give ground to the City to make the improvements. In other council action, an Indiana Bell Telephone Company representative said the company intended to build a new office and exchange here.

1923: Edward Keeney, of Shelbyville, was in the lead at a multi-day golf tournament held at Blue River Country Club. Other top golfers were Wallace Reiman, D.H. Whitcomb, Bradley Hall, Charles Spiegel, R.W. Buxton and Dr. McFadden.