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The northwest corner of W. Hendricks and N. Miller St. was ready for the season. | photo by JACK BOYCE

The SHS November edition of The Courier is here! Check out news on a student's summer in Spain, recent visitors from Japan, the birth of a new tradition, and more!

Editor's note: The following articles appeared in the December 1985 Shelbyville High School Courier.

Can Wishes Come True?


Dear Santa - This letter is from all the students at S.H.S. We feel we've been good, with a few exceptions, or at least as good as we possibly can be. We have quite a lengthy list but an earnest one at that.

First of all, students want bigger lockers so that we can keep pigs, outhouses, and upcoming pranks in them. For between classes, students would like a lounge to hang out in. This would be just like the teachers’ lounge with a few minor exceptions: we want ours bigger, better, and with more candy and pop machines. We would also like an arcade game to relieve stress and tension that school can cause. The students who are bused to and from school would like hot rod buses to race to school in.

In the halls could you have conveyor belts installed so we can ride to class instead of walking? Movies like "Back to the Future" and "Rambo" should be brought and given to the biology and history departments for educational use. The choir classes would like rock-n-roll music to sing. All students want more unlocked restrooms and ones that have stall doors.

The cafeteria would like some new recipes for French fries. Morning music and water fountains with cold drinking water would prove to be nice additions to our school's environment.

Vince Collins, Tom Luther, Bret Adkins, and Mike Knight would like some barrettes. Rob Riutta needs some army fatigues to go with his new hair style. Speaking of hair, Mr. Fallis would like a new wig. Mr. Rehm would like a straight edge for his theorems and to meet the famous Pete Rose. As for our favorite sub, Mr. Leffler, he would like more unnecessary talking in his classes he subs and a bigger bus to drive. Last but not least, Santa, we would like teachers that look like Don Johnson and Heather Thomas.

Money for something and the concerts AREN'T free


Concerts - something teenagers live for! As we all know, concerts can get awfully expensive. An average price for a ticket runs about $12.50. After you get to the concert, it's a must to buy a shirt so everyone will know you went. That will usually cost about $14.

After the concert people generally go to White Castle, because they are quite famished from all the excitement. White Castle is usually where everyone goes because it’s close, fast and very inexpensive.

Unless you've got a gas hog for a car, it will cost you about five bucks in gas to drive to Market Square Arena. Some people interviewed say they can even spend more money for miscellaneous items. When asked, “Is it worth it?” most people said; “You bet it is!” Teenagers with the concert spirit say they could even spend up to $100 for one concert ticket. 

The Courier staff recently talked to SHS students about what their favorite concerts have been, how much they spend at concerts, and who (if anyone) they'd pay $100 to see: Crystal Stafford thought Van Halen on July 5, 1984, was totally awesome! But when asked who she'd pay $100 to see, she said "If I had $100, I'd spend it on my car so it would run more often!" Kim Pleak said she'd pay $100 to see The Eagles if her parents would let her go. Melanie Lux and Scott Hardesty said that the best concert they've been to was Rick Springfield. While Melanie spent $30 that night, Scott spent $45.

Craig Cole spent $40 when he went to see Deep Purple in concert. He also remarked that he'll pay $100 to see Led Zeppelin on stage.

Julius Denton said he enjoyed seeing Luther Vandross in concert, and that he spent the amount of $35 bucks. About the $100 he replied, "No way."

Melinda Vogler and Holly Roberts enjoyed Tina Turner a lot. Melinda spent $30 and Holly spent $20. They both said there was no way they would pay so much money for a ticket. Shelby Metze and Tom Nuthak loved the Chicago concert. Shelby spent $65, not including getting grounded when she got home so late. "I don't think I'd pay a $100 unless a good-looking guy was taking me," she added later. Tom spent $50, and said no concert is worth paying a $100 a ticket. 

When David Jordan went to see Asia in concert, he spent around $35, and he was also one that agreed that paying $100 is not worth it. Others think there’s no way that they’ll pay $100 are Rick Runnebohm, Jeff Johnson and John Krause. Rick went to see Ratt and Bon Jovi and spent $50. Jeff saw Farm Aid and spent $40. John was Rush, and he spent $25. Other people have different tastes: Mr. Wintin liked Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, even though the amount came up to be $50. “I won’t pay $100 for a concert, but sure would for a certain ball game."

Mrs. Thoma Bastin really loved seeing Billy Joel and Rod Stewart in concert. She spent $40, and replied that if The Beatles could have gotten together, she'd have paid anything. Kathy Davis, Jodie Smith and Meg McNeely went nuts in the Bruce Springsteen concert. Jodie and Kathy spent $50, and Meg spent $60. Jodie will pay $100 to see Duran Duran in concert, Kathy will see Bruce Springsteen again, and Meg would love to see Van Halen because she loves their music. Kathleen Kuhn and Chris Barton loved the Prince concert. Kathleen spent $53 and Chris spent around $30. To see Prince again, she'll pay anything. If she or he had an opening act, Chris will go for the $100. Tammy Burton and Victor Bond enjoyed the Van Halen concert so much. They both spent around $40. Tammy said that she'd pay $100 depending on the concert.

Victor said he'd love to see Kyles and Smiles, and wouldn't mind paying $100. Rob Riutta spent $50 when he saw 38 Special. "I'd pay $100 if Jimi Hendrix came back to life." 

Shayne Yeager would like to see Jimi Hendrix too, but he liked AC-DC better, and he spent $40.

Kelli Pike, Cindy Welage, Kim Graham, and Ashley Deprez loved Motley Crue, and each one spent $45. "We would pay anything to party with Vince Neil, because he has a good body," they all said.

Matt Nuthak liked the Foreigner concert a lot, and he spent $50 that night. "I don't think it's worth paying $100 unless it's Michael Jackson."

Bret Engle thought the AC-DC concert was great, and he spent $70. "I'll pay $100 to see Wendy and the Plasmatics. “She could drive me crazy," he added later.

Finally, Larry Stout admitted that to see Robert "Prince" Riutta in concert, he'd pay anything. His favorite concert was Ozzy Osborne, where he spent $45.

Students share holiday joys


Christmas is just about everyone's favorite holiday. SHS students shared some of their Christmas favorites with the Courier:

Many people can become very mischievous, like Tab Herron trying to open his present at 1 a.m. the night before Christmas. Shayne Yeager enjoys burning the Christmas tree. Doug McDuffy enjoys getting out of school, seeing the snow, and steaming open his presents.

While many people like to open presents, here are just a few. Shannon Thornburg, Kim Graham, Bruce Burton, Melva Rash, and Liza Wheeler all love to get presents.

Some people seem to like the cold weather. When snow is on the ground and families bring out the bright lights, it seems to lift people's spirits. One of these is Myla Graham. "Everybody seems to be happy and friendly; I also get to be with my family who I rarely get to see," explained Myla. Bret Engle likes to "Keep my drinks in the snow while I'm sledding at the Elks Club," he says. Craig Cole likes the snow falling while he's going downhill on his skis.

Many kids look forward to all of the parties, especially around New Year's! Phil Brunner is one, along with Brad Pope who says, "I like being with my wonderful family and drinking with Brandon on Christmas night, opening presents, and waiting for Rudolph." Romy Kipfer likes to get out of school, presents, and of course a "New Year's Party!" Mimi Rubush also likes the parties, along Christmas food.

Many of us love surprises, such as Craig Lawson who hopes to get GI Joe and some Transformers.

Ann Vardaman likes to eat all of granny's great pastries and candy, and Kelly Zinman likes to go with Ann to help her eat them.

Here are some people who just like to spend time with family and friends.

Rod Brokering likes to party with his cousins away from home. Jed Pence seems to think it's a romantic holiday which should be shared with the people you love. J. D. Lux likes the time off to spend with his family and friends. Tim Barnard explains, “I feel privileged to be friends with Brian Tackett; I enjoy getting money, and the vacation from school. Jeff Britton likes to look at all the pretty ornaments on the tree and to drink eggnog in his warm bed.

Ernie Smith claims to hate Christmas, which is hard to believe, while other people just like to party, such as Jamie Keffaber and Steve Moore. We can't forget Dawn Sandefur, who likes to stand under mistltoe.


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